Faith Promise

We use a Faith Promise concept to provide financial support for mission activities.  Each spring, during our Global Impact Celebration (GIC), we are asked to pray about how much we can give as a ‘Faith Promise’ over the coming year.  Faith Promise is between God and each individual – no record is kept of what each person has promised to give – only the total is used by our Missions Team to prepare a yearly budget.  This budget is then shared with the entire Congregation.  These funds are used to respond to mission needs throughout the year instead of requesting special offerings.

Examples of the Programs We Support

Ignite Youth Mentoring:  This community-wide organization is a Christian-based youth mentoring program.  Our members have participated in mentoring, and a set amount of Faith Promise funds are contributed to IYM each month.

School Support:  One of the goals of the Missions Team is to develop partnerships with neighboring schools.  Over the past several years Faith Promise funds have been used to support various programs at Highlands Middle School and church members have volunteered at the school in various capacities such as chaperoning student events, office work and school club fund raising activities.

HUGS:  Hats, Underwear, Gloves and Socks are purchased by church members and collected throughout the year.  Past recipients of these items have been the local Union Gospel Mission and the local Veterans Coalition.

Missionary Family  Using Faith Promise funds, West Highlands supports a missionary family currently serving in South Asia.  This monthly provision helps with their needs as they witness for Christ in their particular location. 

Wildfire Support   Faith Promise funds were used to support those in north-central Washington who were affected by the devastating wildfires last summer.

  December 2019  
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